Кафедра ГМ KPMO
"Computer aided designing of mechanotronic mountain equipment"
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Direction of preparation: 6.050503 "Machine building"
Specialization: "Computer aided design of mechatronic mining equipment" (KPMO)

The graduate of specialization KPMO — is a specialist in the field of computer-aided design of mining and other industrial equipment based on the use of computer technology.

Preparations are implemented in the following educational qualification levels:

  • bachelor
  • master
is a graduate in the field of computer-aided design equipment using advanced CAD "ASCON" (Compass), Solid Works, etc. He has skills of designing machines and equipment among computer-aided design, and development of these systems.

For the students of this specialty provided an in-depth study of computer technology, modern programming languages, and technologies to produce high-quality software products for CAD and computer graphics software.

Particular attention is paid to the CAD development of mechatronic equipment and special mathematical program and software for these systems.

is a specialist with skills of development and use of advanced software for the design of mechatronic industrial equipment.

Graduates of the Magistracy have the opportunity to realize themselves in management, research and teaching activities.

The level of knowledge and skills of our graduates allows them to create mechatronic equipment for the mining and other industries.

Graduates are allocated to the project, design and technological research institutes, factories, mines, public and private enterprises. They hold positions from engineer, designer, technologist, research assistant to the head of division and the organization as a whole, a major manager, entrepreneur, head of his own company. Among them — more than 40 winners of state awards and 30 Doctors of Science.

Our graduates — bachelors, mining engineers and masters have high career prospects. Their training provides accelerated adaptation to the creation and operation of new mechatronic objects, caused by dynamics of market demand. Possible to continue learning at post-graduate department.

In addition, the graduates are highly trained in the field of mechanics, technology, engineering and mining science, allowing them to also to work successfully in the design, manufacture and operation of mining and other equipment.

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