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The Department conducts educational process and provides guidance training bachelors and masters in accordance with the regulations: professional education program of training in the field of "Mechanical Engineering", qualifying characteristic preparing bachelors and masters in "Mining machines and systems", learning plans and programs.

The Department trains bachelors and masters in "Machine building" specialty "Mining machines and equipment" specialization "Computer aided design of mechatronic mining equipment" (KPMO).

There is theoretical training by studying the humanities, basic, professionally oriented and specialized disciplines according to the curriculum. Also there is practical training through each course on advanced manufacturing practices. After the fourth year of studying students have design practice in the advanced design organizations of mining machinery.

The educational process is provided by highly qualified teaching staff with the use of computer technology and the wide use of the results of scientific research. 3-5-year students participate in scientific research and study discipline "Special methods of equipment quality assurance" containing the section "Fundamentals of scientific research". As a rule, part of the graduation projects (works) are the results of students studies on graduation project.

All graduates of the department are provided with jobs in their specialty. There was no complaints on the quality of training specialists.

The department has experience in training specialists for foreign countries: China, Vietnam, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Afghanistan, Jordan and others.

For more information about admission requirements and forms of education available in the Donetsk National Technical University admissions office.

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